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Cool Down with Warm Season Vegetables

5 Reasons to Cool Down with Warm Season Vegetables Saves you lots of money. Fun to do with the kids, Gets you outside into the fresh air & sunshine. Provides the best flavor, freshness & nutrition Satisfaction of growing your own food

Caring for Acid-Loving Plants

For Sweet Results, Feed Acid Loving Plants. Imagine enormous pink rhododendrons, evergreens that are vigorous and deep green without any yellowing, and sweet blueberries fresh from your garden.

Bring Outdoor Beauty Indoors

Time to bring your plants back indoors for the Winter? Here are few simple tips to ensure a healthy transition. Plus, this is also a good time to think about repotting.

Getting the Hang of Hanging Baskets

What’s So Great About Hanging Baskets?
Hanging Baskets… Are beautiful!, Last a lot longer than cut flowers, Add visual impact by bringing plants up to eye level, Are moveable and add interest in unexpected places, Can be purchased ready-made if you prefer –just hang ’em., Don’t require digging or weeding