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Create a Spa in Your Bathroom

Every room in your house looks cozier and more beautiful filled…
November 27, 2018/by Jourdancole

Create the Perfect Centerpiece for Fall Gatherings

Between the excitement of Halloween and the wonder of winter,…
November 15, 2018/by Jourdancole

How to Care and Propagate Pilea Peperomiodies

Pilea peperomiodies is becoming a more popular plant by the day.…
November 6, 2018/by Jourdancole

Bringing Plants Indoors for the Winter

How to Overwinter Your Plants Laura with Garden Answer is…
October 31, 2018/by espoma

5 Flowers for Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to start decorating.…
October 24, 2018/by Jourdancole

Plant Now, Harvest Early

Crisp fall days are perfect for planting garlic, onions and shallots.…
October 18, 2018/by Jourdancole

Easy, Breezy Houseplants that Cool Your Home

While everyone loves being indoors in air conditioning on hot…
October 12, 2018/by Jourdancole

Succulents with Flowers – Beauty Meets Simplicity

Succulents can be the most intricate houseplants out there. They…
October 9, 2018/by Jourdancole

Autumn Fairy Garden DIY (Extended Cut)

Cooler temperatures, changing leaves, crisp apples and pumpkin…
October 1, 2018/by Jourdancole

Autumn Fairy Garden DIY

Cooler temperatures, changing leaves, crisp apples and pumpkin…
October 1, 2018/by Jourdancole

How to Feed Acid-Loving Plants with Holly-Tone

Holly-tone is an organic & natural fertilizer that’s not…
September 21, 2018/by Jourdancole

How to Plant Hydrangeas

In the video below, Laura from Garden Answer demonstrates how…
September 10, 2018/by espoma

5 Deliciously Unique Fall Vegetables

Most avid gardeners have planted the veggie essentials in abundance,…
August 29, 2018/by Jourdancole

6 Beautiful and Deer Resistant Perennials

A beautiful garden that returns year after year and repels hungry…
August 22, 2018/by Jourdancole

Garden Answer’s Top 5 Low Light Houseplants (Extended Version)

Sometimes the perfect place for a houseplant has little to no…
August 14, 2018/by Jourdancole

Top 5 Low Light Houseplants

Houseplants are great for adding color, décor, texture or even…
August 14, 2018/by Jourdancole

Petscaping for Mutts

This summer, give your four legged friends a safe and comfortable…
August 9, 2018/by Jourdancole

How to Re-Pot Houseplants (quick cut)

Your houseplant’s health is extremely important. Laura from…
August 1, 2018/by Jourdancole
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