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Bring the Outside In – Best Indoor Plants

Having a beautiful garden is what we all dream about, but in…
September 20, 2017/by KatieGMG

The Inaugural Great Plants Symposium

The Espoma Company is excited to announce its sponsorship of…
September 14, 2017/by KatieGMG

Best Plants that Produce Fall Fruit

It’s easy to help your garden thrive when there is something…
September 14, 2017/by KatieGMG

Autumn Houseplants for Any Home

Autumn is a wonderful (some might say the best) time of the year…
September 12, 2017/by KatieGMG
Here’s how to easily fix those common hydrangea problems.

Your Guide to Fall Hydrangea Care

Caring for your hydrangea can make all the difference for next…
September 7, 2017/by Jourdancole

Fall Foliage that adds Spark

Gardens full of life and color are the best gardens to have around.…
September 7, 2017/by Jourdancole

DIY Terrariums Ideas

Sprucing up your yard is always so rewarding, but what can you…
August 31, 2017/by Jourdancole

Fresh off the Vine – Harvesting Tomatoes and Recipes

Harvest is upon us! Those big juicy tomatoes are taunting you…
August 31, 2017/by Jourdancole

Believe in Magic – Fairy Garden Inspiration.

  Fairy gardens are the perfect way to add a little magic…
August 25, 2017/by Jourdancole

Save Seeds for Sustainability

Savvy gardeners are known for not letting anything go to waste.…
August 24, 2017/by Jourdancole

Fragrance of Fall – Plant Something Sweet

As autumn nears, we’re dreaming of cooler weather, cozy sweaters…
August 22, 2017/by Jourdancole

Fall Flower Child – Add Bloom power to your garden

As summer comes to an end, rustic autumn colors sweep in as the…
August 17, 2017/by Jourdancole

Timeless florals will never go out of style

Spending time in your grandmother’s garden is a lovely memory:…
August 10, 2017/by Jourdancole

6 Fall Veggies to Plant Now

August is here, summer is coming to an end, and you are just…
August 3, 2017/by Jourdancole

Sharp Tips for Growing a Cactus

Are you experiencing a hot, dry summer and wanting to plant something…
August 1, 2017/by Jourdancole

Nature Never Goes Out of Style – Transition into a Fall Cutting Garden

Seeing all of your hard work and tiny seedlings bloom into amazing…
July 27, 2017/by Jourdancole

Don’t Stop Believing – Your Garden Reinvented!

So you just finished harvesting all of your crops, you have tomatoes…
July 25, 2017/by Jourdancole

Stop and smell the roses… Right outside your door!

Do you love roses but are stuck with limited space? Is your rose…
July 20, 2017/by Jourdancole
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