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Stop and smell the roses… Right outside your door!

Do you love roses but are stuck with limited space? Is your rose…
July 20, 2017/by Jourdancole

Petscape and Play This Summer

With summer weather comes plenty of great opportunities to play…
July 18, 2017/by Jourdancole

5 Ways to Give Your Summer Garden a Boost

There’s no better way to enjoy your garden than by encouraging…
July 13, 2017/by Jourdancole

How to Plant Hydrangeas

Laura from Garden Answer demonstrates how to plant hydrangeas…
July 13, 2017/by Jourdancole

Plant a path – The best Ground Covers

Easy-to-grow groundcovers aren’t just limited to grass. There…
July 11, 2017/by Jourdancole

Plant Perennials for Easy Curb Appeal

Summer is a great time to spruce things up, giving you the chance…
July 7, 2017/by Jourdancole

Perk Up Summer Containers with Stunning Annuals

Give yards and patios a boost by adding containers full of summer…
July 6, 2017/by Jourdancole

5 Summer Edibles it’s not Too Late to Plant

It’s never too late to start an edible garden. Different fruits…
June 27, 2017/by Jourdancole

How to Care for the Luckiest Houseplant

Instead of carrying around a rabbit’s foot or a four leaf clover,…
June 22, 2017/by Jourdancole

3 Ways to Celebrate National Pollinator Week

National Pollinator Week is a time to give bees, birds, and bats…
June 20, 2017/by Jourdancole

Summer Care Tips for Your Favorite Orchid

Orchids have become a houseplant fan favorite, and rightfully…
June 15, 2017/by Jourdancole

Tips for Growing Veggies in a Drought

Summer brings prime-time vegetable growing season and the delicious…
June 13, 2017/by Jourdancole

4 Ways Gardening Improves Your Well-being

Whether it’s practicing yoga, writing a journal, going on vacation…
June 8, 2017/by Jourdancole

Top Five Trees to Plant for Bees

Bees, birds, butterflies and other pollinators are responsible…
June 6, 2017/by Jourdancole

How to Care for Tulips After They’ve Bloomed

Not sure what to do once tulip blooms are finished? Laura from…
June 6, 2017/by Jourdancole

5 Garden Tasks to Complete this June

Summer is finally here! And we can't wait to spend more time…
June 1, 2017/by Jourdancole

Five Vegetables to Plant in the Shade

Summer gardens filled with fresh fruits and lots of veggies are…
May 30, 2017/by Jourdancole

Top 10 Small Space Gardening Solutions

Don’t let limited space discourage you from gardening.  Whether…
May 25, 2017/by Jourdancole
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