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Best Wildflowers for your Wedding Bouquet

Whether your wedding colors are blush and bashful or burgundy…
July 17, 2018/by Jourdancole

Ripe for the Picking: Blackberry Harvesting Tips and Recipes

The blackberry is an iconic summer berry and right now they are…
July 17, 2018/by Jourdancole

Bug OFF: Plants to Repel Mosquitoes

It is that time of year again when those tiny whining noises…
July 16, 2018/by Jourdancole

7 Ways to Drink a Strawberry

Summer is in full swing and it is HOT! With the heat, comes…
July 14, 2018/by Jourdancole

Plant America – Red, White and Blue Plants

While getting ready to decorate and hang the flag high for the…
July 3, 2018/by Jourdancole

Fixer Upper: Chicken Coop Edition

https://youtu.be/BD4AMNvKsSU Why did the chicken cross the…
June 28, 2018/by Jourdancole

Hydrangea Hype: Garden Inspiration

Beautifully flowering hydrangeas are a telltale sign of summer.…
June 27, 2018/by Jourdancole

5 Edible Flowers to Grow In Your Garden

When you think about an edible garden, berries, tomatoes and…
June 21, 2018/by Jourdancole

Build a Butterfly Bouquet for National Pollinator Week

What’s better than decorating your home with summer bouquets…
June 18, 2018/by Jourdancole

5 Unusual Containers to Grow Strawberries

There are very few things better than a sweet, juicy strawberry…
June 14, 2018/by Jourdancole

Companion Planting for Beginners

Grouping certain plants together will actually help your garden…
June 14, 2018/by Jourdancole

Companion Planting for Beginners with Garden Tour

Grouping certain plants together will actually help your garden…
June 14, 2018/by Jourdancole

5 Reasons to Start a Cutting Garden

The temperature is only getting warmer, which means it’s time…
June 1, 2018/by Jourdancole

How to Choose the Right Strawberry Variety to Grow

Strawberries are one of the most popular berries for gardeners…
May 31, 2018/by Jourdancole

The Best Roses to Grow in Any Situation

Roses are the most classic flower to include in a garden. They’re…
May 24, 2018/by Jourdancole

Hello Sunshine – Plants that Love the Sun

While most plants need only need some sunshine throughout the…
May 18, 2018/by Jourdancole

How to Mow Stripes in your Lawn

Have you ever admired the uniform stripes on the field at a baseball…
May 17, 2018/by Jourdancole

Plants Only a Mother Would Love

From crayon stick figures to loud burps, Moms are notorious for…
May 10, 2018/by Jourdancole
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