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Plants can be just as baffling as children for those who’ve never cared for them before. New plant parents may […]
Spring has sprung and it’s time to get outside and plant up some early spring containers. A trip to the […]
Dressing up window boxes can add so much beauty and curb appeal to your home. They instantly greet you the […]
A simple, inexpensive way to enjoy your herbs beyond the growing season is to dry them! When talking about herbs, […]
You’ve waited all winter, and spring is so close! It’s just about time to start sowing early spring crops. You […]
Terrariums are back in style and they’re a fun, easy way to grow and showoff your plants. Terrariums are made […]
With its attractive leaves and low maintenance personality, pothos is one of the best houseplants for new plant parents to […]
We all love ferns, they are a classic houseplant. Ferns come in all kinds of sizes, textures and colors. Yet […]
Did you know houseplants can communicate? We talk to our house plants in hopes they can tell us what’s wrong. […]
Orchids are the perfect way to introduce a stunning houseplant into your home. They bloom for up to four months, […]
Philodendron are one of the most popular, versatile, and easy to grow houseplants on the planet. Trailing plants lend an […]
Social media is blowing up with a new trend – the Succulent Pot in a Pot. It is a fun […]
Social media is blowing up with a new trend – the Succulent Pot in a Pot. It is a fun […]
Monstera is commonly called Swiss cheese plant or split-leaf philodendron referring to the beautifully cut leaves. It’s a must have […]
The Espoma Company is excited to sponsor an exciting new webinar – Powerhouse Perennials That Work Overtime… So You Don’t […]
Welcome to Plant Parenthood, a reoccurring series helping you with all things houseplant! As plant people ourselves, we are so […]
Succulents love the sun and thrive when grown in proper light conditions. But you’ve probably seen or grown a succulent […]
Spend winter months brushing up on your plant knowledge and cozying up indoors with a book on plants. The options […]
Growing bromeliads indoors is a wonderful way to welcome vibrant colors and live foliage into your space. While they have […]
It’s truly the most wonderful time of the year! Everyone seems to be in a better mood when they’re spending […]
The holidays are over and now it’s time to decide what to do with your Christmas tree. Fortunately, there are […]