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Ever wonder how to save your favorite outdoor plants from the winter cold? ❄🌨 @Wyse Guide demonstrates how he overwinters […]
Thinking about adding trees 🌳 to your landscape? @Wyse Guide shares some useful tips on how he plants trees at […]
When there’s an important gardening project to be done… you call Kaleb Wyse. 🦸 And he always brings his trusty […]
This blog is inspired by Episode 159 of Bloom and Grow Radio Podcast, where host Maria Failla interviewed Lisa Eldred […]
This blog is inspired by Episode 154 of Bloom and Grow Radio Podcast, where host Maria Failla interviewed Patricia Buzo […]
Garden Answer is raising the bar (and the beds) in her garden! Whether you’re constructing deep or shallow boxes, raised […]
When it comes to turning a house into a home, Summer Rayne Oakes knows what she’s doing! With gorgeous urns, […]
This huge, weedy bed next to a lovely meadow home was a welcome challenge for Summer Rayne Oakes. After weeks […]
Everyone loves an aesthetically-pleasing succulent arrangement, and with Garden Answer’s guidance, you can create one for your own home. Plus, […]
This blog is inspired by Episode 153 of Bloom and Grow Radio Podcast, where host Maria Failla interviewed Enid Offolter, […]
Is it even possible to have too many houseplants? Not if you’re an expert like Garden Answer! With the help […]
Pumpkin-picking isn’t the only way to get into the Halloween spirit! With dark shades, peculiar shapes, and scientific names plucked […]
Winter is coming, and while we’re bundling up in our cozy sweaters, lawns need to winterize too! As the temperature […]
It’s not every day that Summer Rayne Oakes at Flock Finger Lakes plants over 70,000 bulbs, so we were thrilled […]
Ready to spruce up your green space? Garden Answer is back to guide you through planting ornamental grass—a low-maintenance way […]
  Fall: it’s the season of transition. The weather is cooling down, the leaves are changing colors, and the air […]
Variety is the key to pollination, and Summer Rayne Oakes has it down tenfold with over 160 species of plants […]
Add a little pH pep to your step—your acid-loving plants will really thrive with our Espoma Organic Soil Acidifier. Take […]
Beginners Guide to Growing Cut Flowers Growing flowers in your garden can be as appealing as growing food, because not […]
A Beginner’s Guide to Greenhouses There comes a time in every plant parent’s life when we start to get curious […]
Garden Answer’s daylilies certainly brightened our day! Add in some Espoma Organic Bio-Tone Starter Plus and you’ll have every variety […]