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Have you thought ahead to your fall harvest yet? August is prime time to plant delicious and nutritious vegetables that […]
Watch Laura from Garden Answer plant for Fall! Featured Products:
Fall crops already? That’s right! Join Garden Answer and get some great ideas for food crops in the upcoming season. […]
When planting new trees, don’t forget to add a healthy combination of Espoma Organic Bio-tone and Iron-tone to help them […]
Are your tomato plants growing out of control? Time to tie them up with Bloom and Grow Radio‘s Tying and […]
A little vitamin boost from Bio-tone Plus before amending your soil is key when planting up a fresh tomato path. […]
We’re thrilled to jump back into our Q&A series where we highlight the talented folks who are working hard behind […]
Here at Espoma, our products are only as great as the team behind them. That’s why we’re excited to begin […]
Summer weather brings with it new planting projects. If you love having a fresh bouquet of flowers to keep you […]
With Memorial Day in the rearview, summer is officially here once again — and while we wish that meant nothing […]
Hoya have been popular house plants for decades and with good reason. They are extremely long-lived, have a classic, deep […]
Many people wonder when they’ll find the time for self-care. It turns out that plant parents have been doing it […]
In this fall episode of Garden Answer, Laura is making leaf mulch from her fallen leaves. It’s a free resource […]
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The brightest part of winter may just be decorating your home for the season. While hot cocoa, holiday lights and […]
Jungle cacti sounds like an oxymoron but in this episode of Plant One on Me, Summer Rayne Oaks talks in-depth […]
Apartments or small spaces are invitations to get creative with décor. There are many different ways you can grow indoor […]
Houseplants are so much more than decorations. They help reduce stress and tension and create a relaxed and happy atmosphere. […]
Watch Laura from Garden Answer make this enchanting Treehouse Fairy Garden! Espoma Products for Succulent Fairy Gardens
If you feel like your collection of tried and true houseplants is looking a little, well, green, then now’s the […]
Aroids are from the family Araceae and include many common houseplants like aglaonemas, monsteras, philodendrons, pothos and ZZ plants. While […]
These black beauties are some of the most sought after houseplants available today. While they’re certainly fitting for autumn décor, […]