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As any experienced houseplant parent knows, emergencies happen. Maybe you discover mealybugs infesting your favorite plant. Perhaps a fungal leaf […]
Follow along with Laura from Garden Answer as she demonstrates how to plant multiple varieties of Lisianthus from seeds.   […]
3 Tips to Get GROWING! 🌱 1. Seeds! Experiment with seeds! Yes, it may take longer, but it is incredibly […]
Follow along as Maria from Growing Joy with Maria makes kokedama, a Japanese craft tradition of wrapping plants in moss […]
Dick Ryhal PA Facility – Plant Manager We feel very fortunate to welcome Dick Ryhal to the Espoma family. Dick […]
Follow along with Laura from Garden Answer as she repots and demonstrates how to train Monstera plants.   Featured products: […]
Seeking Winter Gardening Inspiration? ❄️🌷 Join Laura as she defies the frosty weather to plant an array of bulbs, each […]
How did you get into plants and gardening? I had just graduated from Tufts University back in 2014 and since […]
Join Laura from @gardenanswer as she ventures into the greenhouse and guides us through the repotting process of her young […]
Succulents are controversial plants in the houseplant community. The trouble with succulents is that they’re often described as “impossible to […]
Brighten your holidays with the stunning Amaryllis! 🌺This festive plant is a holiday favorite, adding a splash of color to […]
Join Kaleb from Wyse Guide as he shows you how to plant shallots in his raised bed for a bountiful […]
With its glossy leaves and signature holes, Monstera deliciosa (a.k.a. the Swiss Cheese plant), has become the latest Instagram celebrity. […]
Join Laura from Garden Answer as she shares her top tips on how to effectively plant garlic, harvest berries, and […]
Watch Summer Rayne Oakes of Flock Finger Lakes use her expertise to select and plant a mix of bulbs that […]
Follow along with Summer Rayne Oakes as she demonstrates how to craft a Moss Terrarium. Summer uses Espoma Organic Orchid […]
Everyone knows the classic red rose, but how about mocha-colored roses, or even purple? Follow along with Summer from Flock […]
Join Summer Rayne Oakes of Flock Finger Lakes as she delves into the beauty and versatility of the often-overlooked plants: […]
Looking to add a tropical touch to your patio or indoor space? Dive into Summer Rayne Oakes‘ latest video where […]
Join Summer from Homestead Brooklyn & Flock Finger Lakes as she plants a garden bed designed for continual 4-season interest. […]
Join Kaleb Wyse of Wyse Guide as he shares his top tips for overwintering plants that are potted in outdoor […]