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Danger could be lurking anywhere when you’ve got kids and pets. That’s why parents do their best to baby-proof and […]
Fall is a great time to plant. First of all, the cooler temperatures make it much more appealing to be […]
Trees give us a lot of bang for their bark — paying us back in major, quantifiable ways. In fact, […]
It’s still summer — time for picnics, backyard barbeques and going to the beach. Kids get to stay up late […]
With their dark green leaves, maroon undersides and geometric patterns, calathea plants are striking additions to any space. Calathea, maranta, […]
Gardening has many rewards and one of the best might be picking your own bouquet from the garden. Starting with […]
Terrariums are beautiful, fun to make and easy to care for. Our favorite Brooklyn plant expert, Summer Rayne Oakes, guides […]
Lavender conjures up images of the south of France with row upon row of plants covered in deep purple flowers. […]
Tomatoes flourish in full sun and warm temperatures. However, if you’re in short supply of sunny or warm days, havoc […]
Summer sun can be tough on houseplants. They’ll need us to turn up the love and give them a little […]
Why does Laura from Garden Answer use Bio-tone Starter Plus? Because it’s the ultimate starter fertilizer. Bio-tone Starter Plus is […]
Squirrels are the acrobats of the backyard. They can bend and stretch in every possible direction in order to reach […]
It’s summer time and that means enjoying more time outdoors — until the mosquitoes descend. While flying insects are an […]
Houseplants have steadily grown more popular over the last couple of years, particularly with Millennials. It’s no surprise why—houseplants are […]
English cottage gardens date back centuries. They were used to grow vegetables, herbs for healing, fruit trees, perhaps a beehive, […]
I used to consider growing roses a form of self-punishment. It was a tedious, never-ending job that more often than […]
Citrus trees provide year-round greenery, extraordinarily fragrant flowers and, beautiful, delicious fruit. What plant parent wouldn’t want a baby like […]
Talk about flower power! Orchids, especially Phalaenopsis or moth orchids, can bloom for months. Moth orchidsare easy to find, relatively inexpensive and one […]
Growing citrus trees in containers indoors is easier than you think. Plus, they’re beautiful are great accent pieces. Their white […]
Peonies have been a garden favorite for hundreds of years. The gorgeous flowers are delicate with silky petals and an […]
Mom is the best! For years, she’s showered you with love in so many ways, big and small. Now, it’s […]