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Watch as Laura from @GardenAnswer plants some new trees with the help of Espoma! Featured:
Summer is here, but it’s not too late to put together the hanging basket of your dreams! If you’ve ever struggled to create a hanging basket that lasts all season long, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for five tips to achieve the perfect hanging basket that will make all your neighbors jealous.
Watch as Laura from @GardenAnswer plants a variety of lilies with the help of Espoma! Featured:
Laura from @Garden Answer plants some new roses in her backyard with the help of some Espoma products! Follow along […]
It’s time to plant some corn, beans, and tomatoes at the @Garden Answer household! Tag along to see how Laura gets her vegetable gardening done with some Espoma products.
Ready to make some fresh salsa this summer? Join Laura from @GardenAnswer as she plants all the ingredients in a […]
Laura from @Garden Answer is planting sweet and spicy peppers in her garden! Watch to find out which Espoma products […]
Kevin from @Epic Gardening is walking us through how he plans to maintain those tomatoes he recently planted with the […]
Follow along as Laura from @Garden Answer plants the Proven Winners 2022 Recipes of the Year using tried-and-true Espoma products! […]
Looking to grow some deliciously plump tomatoes this season? Let Kevin from @Epic Gardening show you the different trellis types […]
Laura from @Garden Answer is redesigning her yard using some new trees! Watch how she gets it done with the […]
Laura from @Garden Answer is packing up her truck with some annual plants and trusty Espoma products to revamp her driveway and spruce up her local church!
It’s time for a little garden rearranging at the @Garden Answer​ household. Follow along to find out which Espoma products help get the job done!
Have you seen the Sparky series of clematis? Follow along as Laura from Garden Answer​ shows off their beautiful colors […]
Have you always appreciated citrus trees but felt that growing your own would be too much work? As it turns […]
Fertilizers may seem confusing at first glance, but Laura from Garden Answer​ is here to walk you through some of […]
Have you ever wondered about the difference between each of Espoma’s organic fertilizers? Kevin from Epic Gardening​ is here to […]
Spring is here, which means it’s time for new blooms and berries! Laura from Garden Answer​ uses Espoma Organic Potting […]
You know spring gardening season is upon us when it’s time for some new food-bearing trees to go in the […]
Are you an epic fern killer like our friend Bloom and Grow​? No worries! Join her in this experiment for […]
Epic Gardening​ would like to bestow upon you the power to grow the most juicy and epic strawberries of all […]