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The Best Pet-friendly Houseplants

For most, pets are a member of the family. And like any other…
April 27, 2017/by Jourdancole

Three Secrets to Cactus Success

Cacti make the perfect houseplant. Their water-saving properties…
April 25, 2017/by Jourdancole

The Best Heirloom Tomatoes to Grow

Have you wondered why heirloom tomatoes taste so much better…
April 21, 2017/by Jill Fox

Four Fresh Berries to Grow This Summer

Nothing says summer like the fresh taste of homegrown fruit.…
April 20, 2017/by Jourdancole

How to Plant Blueberries in Containers

Laura from Garden Answer shows how to plant blueberries in containers…
April 18, 2017/by Jill Fox

Grass is always Greener: Different Types of Grass You Should Consider

Guest Post by Brian Rees of Bradley Mowers Do you ever drive…
April 18, 2017/by Jourdancole

Hanging Plants: Make Your Own Kokedama

Houseplants that you don’t have to think about are the best.…
April 13, 2017/by Jourdancole

Succulent Success – What’s the secret?

You’ve probably heard the words cacti and succulents thrown…
April 11, 2017/by Jourdancole

The April Garden Checklist You’ve Been Waiting For

Quick! There’s much to be done outdoors and no time to waste!…
April 6, 2017/by Jourdancole

6 Fruits and Veggies for Kids

Convincing kids to eat healthy may seem like a constant battle,…
April 4, 2017/by Jourdancole

How to start a kid-friendly vegetable garden

There’s a natural connection between children and the outdoors.…
March 30, 2017/by Jourdancole

Get to Know Espoma

Laura from Garden Answer tours the Espoma Company production…
March 29, 2017/by Jourdancole

Top Seeds to Sow in March

It’s our favorite time of year again, spring is here! This…
March 28, 2017/by Jourdancole

How to Care for a Fiddle Leaf Fig

Laura from Garden Answer shares her tips for caring for Fiddle…
March 24, 2017/by Jourdancole

6 Heirloom Plants We Love

Contrary to popular belief, tomatoes are not the only heirlooms…
March 23, 2017/by Jourdancole

Top Peppers for Sowing

Now that spring is here, we’re ready to get our hands in some…
March 21, 2017/by Jourdancole

Indoor Planter Inspiration with Garden Answer

The Espoma Company brought Laura from Garden Answer to visit…
March 16, 2017/by Jourdancole

How to Create a Mini Gnome Garden with Garden Answer

Laura from Garden Answer designs a tiny gnome garden that is…
March 16, 2017/by Jourdancole
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