Why Join Us

Through four generations of family ownership, Espoma has always recognized that its greatest asset is the people that work for the company.  This extended family of ours, most of whom have been with us for many years, shares the same values and dedication to their work that we do, and without them, we would not be where we are today.

Espoma is always looking for talented and passionate individuals. Working at Espoma means you will have a unique opportunity to be a part of an organization committed to quality, service, community, and the environment.  A place where you are not just a number, and where your opinions and ideas can have impact.

  • 90+ years of stability & growth
  • Competitive wages & benefits
  • Committed to environment & sustainability
  • State of the art, solar powered manufacturing facility
  • Beautiful new office with room to grow & spread out

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Join Our Manufacturing Team

Our state of the art, solar powered, manufacturing facility blends and packages organic fertilizers for the retail lawn and garden industry.  With fully automated production lines and robotics technology, you can develop new skills for the 21st century.

  • Single day shift Mon-Fri – no nights or weekends
  • Over 100,000 sq ft of manufacturing & warehousing space
  • About 20 employees and growing
  • Learn how to operate forklifts, front end loaders, and automated production line equipment

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Meet Members of the Team

Bernard Urie
Shipping Manager
Year Hired: 1978

I was referred by a family member 40 plus years ago. I have never looked back since. I really like working in the fast-paced environment during shipping season. It is always a challenge, and it is satisfying to know that we are getting the product out on time to our customers. The family atmosphere the Brunner’s have created and fostered is great.

Keith Franco
Production Operator
Year Hired: 2016

I came in through a Temp service and like the culture that the company promotes. I like being able to work in different areas, it’s not the same old thing every day. It is a challenge to hit goals in a fast-paced environment and I have the opportunity to be a leader.  At Espoma I have the ability to make a significant impact to the company and our customers. I feel like I have  a long-term career, the average length of service here is amazing.

Clyde Ray
Plant Manager
Year Hired: 2015

Espoma’s family environment is one of our greatest strengths.  Espoma promotes a culture where different ideas are valued. The guiding principles of the company are evident in all levels of the organization. Our highly automated manufacturing plant is positioned for long term success.

Join Our Sales Team

Espoma manufactures and distributes a complete line of organic gardening products to the US retail lawn and garden market.  Our sales team works out of their homes, traveling to customers as needed in their respective geographic market.

  • Based out of your home office
  • Visit the best garden centers in your area
  • Educate customers on organic gardening
  • Develop relationships & plans for growth

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Meet Members of the Team

Mike Huber
Territory Sales Manager
Year Hired:  2017

I enjoy working everyday with our customers, cultivating lasting relationships and educating them on our product line; helping them to be successful in their business and in their customer’s gardening projects.

The best part is the people that I work with and the family atmosphere. Being a part of a 4th generation family-owned company is very special and unique. They care about their employees and their families. In addition, my input and opinion is always encouraged and valued in the day to day operations and in future planning.  We are all part of the team.

Bonnie Satterthwaite
Territory Sales Manager
Year Hired: 2006

I met Espoma Owner Jeremy Brunner on a garden center bus tour. I was very happy at my previous job, but Jeremy’s passion and vision for the growth of the Espoma company was something that was missing from my previous job. I wanted to be a part of something that I could see and feel was going to be spectacular. Espoma cares just as deeply for their work family as they do for their products. So, for me, there was just no question on where I wanted to continue my career.

Shawn Shockey
Vice President of Sales
Year Hired: 2009

I was looking to join a company where my opinion mattered.  Being a family owned company for over 90 years meant stability to me.  I started out as a Territory Sales Manager and realized they encouraged employees to suggest ways we could improve.  This made me feel like a valued employee whose ideas would be considered for us all to grow.

I enjoy working with the office, manufacturing, and sales teams, as well as helping our customers grow their business.  It’s never boring, and every day is different and exciting.

Join Our Office Team

Our beautiful, new office is the perfect place to spend your working day.  The living green wall in our lobby creates a pleasant surrounding while it improves air quality.

  • Our new headquarters since 2018
  • Plant wall features 672 plants across 6 varieties in lobby
  • Solar powered, energy efficient office
  • 12,500 sq ft currently has 12 employees & growing

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Meet Members of the Team

Dave Mountford
Senior Logistics Manager
Year Hired: 1989

My father was a salesman for Espoma for 15 years. I was working retail and it was tough. I only had one day off and worked 60+ hours a week. As I started a family, I felt there would be a lot I would miss with my kids. Then the logistics person retired at Espoma and I knew the company well enough to know there would be stability and growth. So I applied and now been here for over 30 years…,

Dawn Hand
Office Manager

Year Hired:2008

I wanted to work at Espoma because I knew it was a solid company that had been in Millville since the beginning. I like that there are so many employees that have been here for over 20 years. What makes it special is that Espoma is very family oriented. Everyone cares about each other and works together to help each other.

I started as the receptionist and over time have learned many different skills and am proud to now be the Office manager.

Jenice Motta-Rodriguez
Accounts Payable
Year Hired: 2016

I like working for a local company that has consistently shown growth over so many decades. What’s special about working at Espoma is the family atmosphere and being part of an amazing team. I am always learning new things and I enjoy getting to work hands on with senior leaders and owners of the company. When you love what you do and who you do it for it becomes a favorite place to come into daily.