Get to Know Espoma

Laura from Garden Answer tours the Espoma Company production facilities in Millville, NJ.

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  1. Ltlknit says:

    Why does your company not post health hazards to animals? YOUR PRODUCTS DO POSE SERIOUS HEALTH ISSUES that are not addressed on your labeling. There are ingredients in Grow Tone that cause muscle weakness and severe vomiting/diarrhea. Do you know that muscle weakness mimics paralysis? Do you know how much money is spent in emergency vet bills because of your negligence in including health hazards to the public? Is it because you don’t have to by law? Law or not, don’t you owe it to your consumers to post any possible health risks so that they don’t lose family members? My dogs have been throwing up for over 24 hours, they can barely walk, and am watching them on an hourly basis and in close contact with my veterinarian because of this. Has anyone else had these problems?

    • Jourdancole says:

      By design we do not handle any material deemed hazardous or toxic by the US EPA. While these products are safe to use in areas where children and pets play, one must always be alert for possible allergic reactions. Many of the natural ingredients we blend are also used to produce animal feeds. In the event that a pet ingests some of the material there are usually no problems. You did the right thing by consulting your veterinarian and we hope your dogs are feeling better.

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