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The ultimate all-purpose plant food for growing bigger plants, greener foliage, and beautiful blooms!  It’s a rich blend of natural proteins enhanced with kelp extracts, humic acids, and a proprietary set of beneficial microbes to provide maximum results. And because it’s made in our state-of-the-art solar powered manufacturing facility, consistency and quality are guaranteed.


  • For Deep Green Foliage & Beautiful Blooms
  • 100% Natural & Organic Approved
  • Feed Instantly ~ Adds Beneficial Microbes
  • 16 oz Bottle Makes up to 48 Quarts
  • Safe for People, Pets & Planet

For use on:

All Purpose Plant Food

When to use:

Feed every 2 to 4 weeks

How much to use:

Directions for use:
We recommend wearing gardening gloves when feeding your plants.

• Shake well prior to mixing with water.
• Mix at a rate of 1/2 cap (2 tsp.) per quart of water. It is best to add concentrate and then add water for thorough mixing.
• Thoroughly drench the soil of the plant.
• Repeat every 2-4 weeks.



How to apply:

In the Garden:

Thoroughly drench the soil around the plant.

In Containers:

Thoroughly drench the soil of the plant – ideally the water would flow through the container and some would run out of the bottom of the pot.  Be sure to have a saucer under the plant to catch the runoff! Remove the water from the saucer so the plant is not sitting in water.

Available In 16 oz. Bottles

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Before you head to the garden center, please call to confirm product availability.