Espoma Organic Charcoal is an all-natural high carbon material that can help improve soils. It is produced by heating untreated hardwoods to very high temperatures without oxygen in a process called pyrolysis.  The result is an excellent soil conditioner for improving potting mixes and adding better drainage in containers.
All natural Charcoal
  • Helps improve drainage
  • Use in containers & terrariums
  • Made in the USA

For use on:

Use In Containers & Terrariums

When to use:

Use when creating terrariums and when repotting

How much to use:

How to apply:

For Containers with Drainage Holes:

Add up to two cups of Espoma Organic Charcoal for each cubic foot (1 heaping tbsp. per quart) of potting soil.  For best results add the appropriate amount of Bio-tone Starter Plus. Mix thoroughly, fill your container and plant your plants.


For Containers without Drainage Holes:

Add a 1 to 2 inch layer to the bottom of the container before adding potting mix.

For Terrariums:

Thoroughly wash & dry container prior to planting. Add a layer of small gravel to the bottom of the terrarium.  To that add ½ to 1 inch layer of Espoma Organic Charcoal. Add a 1” layer of sphagnum peat moss to help prevent potting mix from seeping into the drainage area.  Now add Espoma Organic Potting Mix and you are ready to plant your terrarium

Available in 4 qt bags


100% Hardwood Charcoal