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VIDEO: Perennial Planting with Garden Answer!

It’s a beautiful day for planting some beautiful perennials!…
June 28, 2022/by espoma

Kaleb Wyse: My Annual Plant Haul

Kaleb Wyse, an enthusiastic fourth-generation Iowan gardener,…
June 28, 2022/by espoma
Planting perennials

Video: Garden Answer’s Two New Perennials for 2023: Heliopsis & Agastache!

Who else is excited two see Garden Answer’s two beautiful new…
May 27, 2022/by espoma
perennials and shrub

VIDEO: Planting Begonias & Impatiens with Garden Answer!

First up for Garden Answer’s Annuals in 2022: Begonias &…
May 26, 2022/by espoma
Woman with plants

VIDEO: Planting Bush Clematis, Ornamental Oregano and a Bloomerang Lilac Tree!

Espoma Organic Land & Sea Compost and Bio-tone Starter Plus…
May 18, 2022/by espoma
people gardening together

Why Gardening Should Always be a Team Effort

Spring is here, and there’s no better way to celebrate…
May 10, 2022/by espoma
Kaleb Wyse

Meet Your New Gardening Guide: Kaleb Wyse

Kaleb Wyse is a fourth-generation to live on his family farm…
May 9, 2022/by espoma
Picture of Bonsai tree

Bonsai Care 101

Bonsai Care 101
Bonsai trees–if you’re a millennial,…
May 3, 2022/by espoma

Rubber Plant Care and FAQs

Rubber Plant Care and FAQs
Rubber plants (Ficus elastica)…
April 19, 2022/by espoma
Spring shrubs

Video: Planting Spring Shrubs!

Follow along with Laura from @gardenanswer as she plants her…
March 29, 2022/by espoma

Video: Planting 26 Different Types of Tomatoes!

Join Laura from @GardenAnswer as she takes her spring tomato…
March 17, 2022/by espoma

Video: Planting Moss Containers for Spring

Take a look at how Laura from @GardenAnswer plants spring moss…
February 24, 2022/by espoma

Video: Planting Dahlias with Garden Answer

Take a look at how Laura from @GardenAnswer plants Dahlias with…
February 15, 2022/by espoma

Video: Houseplant Upkeep with Garden Answer

Watch as Laura from @GardenAnswer pots her succulent cuttings,…
February 1, 2022/by espoma
woman with hands in bowl of soil

Video: Winter Seed Sowing with Garden Answer!

Check out how Laura from @Garden Answer is starting seeds early…
January 19, 2022/by Stephanie Muczyk
lightbulb terrarium

Video: Lightbulb Terrarium with Garden Answer

Looking for some creative terrarium ideas? Watch as Laura from…
January 19, 2022/by Stephanie Muczyk

Video: How to Begin Winter Seed Starting with Garden Answer!

The cold weather is no match for Laura at Garden Answer's greenhouse! Follow along to see how Laura gets a head start on seed starting to plant amaryllis bulbs and indoor plants before the spring with the help of Espm Organic Seed Starter and Potting Mix!
December 14, 2021/by Stephanie Muczyk

Video: Reusing Summer Pots for Fall Plants with Garden Answer!


Follow along as Laura from @GardenAnswer gives her…
November 23, 2021/by Stephanie Muczyk
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