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6 Kid and Pet Friendly Plants

Danger could be lurking anywhere when you’ve got kids and…
September 11, 2019/by Jourdancole

Plant Azaleas in Early Fall

Fall is a great time to plant. First of all, the cooler
September 4, 2019/by Jourdancole

Plant trees in the right place to slash energy bills

Trees give us a lot of bang for their bark — paying us back
August 28, 2019/by Jourdancole

Tulip Time

It’s still summer — time for picnics, backyard barbeques…
August 22, 2019/by Jourdancole

How to Care for Colorful Calathea

With their dark green leaves, maroon undersides and
August 14, 2019/by Jourdancole

Grow Them, Cut Them, Smell Them, Share Them

Gardening has many rewards and one of the best might be picking
August 8, 2019/by Jourdancole

How to Plant a Terrarium with Summer Rayne, Homestead Brooklyn

Terrariums are beautiful, fun to make and easy to care for.…
August 6, 2019/by KatieGMG

Limitless Lavender

Lavender conjures up images of the south of France with row
July 31, 2019/by Jourdancole

TLC for Tomatoes

Tomatoes flourish in full sun and warm temperatures.

July 24, 2019/by Jourdancole

Plant Parents: Summer Houseplant Care

Summer sun can be tough on houseplants. They’ll
need us to…
July 17, 2019/by Jourdancole

Get Plants off to a Good Start with Bio-tone Starter Plus

Why does Laura from Garden…
July 11, 2019/by Jourdancole

Tips to Get Squirrels to Scram

Squirrels are the acrobats of the backyard. They can bend
July 10, 2019/by Jourdancole

Let Mother Nature Help out at Your Next Bar-B-Q

It’s summer time and that means enjoying more time outdoors
July 3, 2019/by Jourdancole

Monstera Q&A with Plant Guru Justin Hancock

have steadily grown more popular over the last couple…
June 27, 2019/by Jourdancole

Garden Answer’s Design Tips for a Romantic Cottage Garden

English cottage gardens date back
centuries. They were used…
June 20, 2019/by Jourdancole

No Fuss Roses – REALLY!

Photo Courtesy of Kerry Ann Mendez

I used to consider growing…
June 19, 2019/by Jourdancole

8 Tips and Tricks for Dwarf Citrus Plants

Citrus trees provide year-round greenery, extraordinarily fragrant…
June 10, 2019/by Jourdancole

Don’t Throw That Orchid Away, Get It to Rebloom

Talk about flower power! Orchids, especially Phalaenopsis…
May 29, 2019/by espoma
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