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Video: Winter Seed Sowing with Garden Answer

Interested in trying your hand at the winter seed sowing method?…
January 19, 2021/by Patrick White

Video: Buttoning Up Winter Bulb Planting with Garden Answer

Garden Answer has so many bulbs yet to go in the ground and it's…
January 14, 2021/by Patrick White

Gardening Resolutions with Team Espoma

Here at Espoma, we’re constantly making plans and growing. But the new year is always a good time to slow down and decide on your most important intentions for the next round of seasons. That’s why we got in touch with some of our hardworking team members and partners to find out what their 2021 gardening goals look like. Read on if you’re looking for some inspiration for your own resolutions!
January 12, 2021/by Patrick White

5 Ways to Make Your Garden More Festive

The holidays are officially underway, and while you’re probably already in the process of decorating your tree and other indoor spaces, have you stopped to think about your garden? Decorating the outside of your house can bring even more joy to your community and will give your greenery some extra love during the colder months.
December 22, 2020/by Patrick White

Video: Caladiums for Christmas with Garden Answer

Laura from Garden Answer got her hands on some gorgeous new caladiums just in time for Christmas. Follow along for some keys to transitioning to holiday decor using Potting Mix!
December 22, 2020/by Patrick White

4 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Poinsettias

'Tis the season of poinsettias! These jolly red plants are a classic holiday gift and household decoration all across the country during the winter months. Unfortunately, for many people, the leaves quickly turn lackluster and the plant dies soon afterward. But you can avoid this outcome with proper care and maintenance!
December 16, 2020/by Patrick White

Create Your Own Fall Centerpiece for Thanksgiving

Your Thanksgiving dinner may look different this year with a smaller number of attendees, but that’s all the more reason to stun them with holiday decor! It’s more important than ever to relax with members of your household and find ways to put everyone in that classic festive mood. Here are some ways to make a beautiful table centerpiece to help this holiday season be as cheerful as the last.
November 24, 2020/by Patrick White

Best Indoor and Outdoor Plants for Halloween Decor

Halloween is on our heels and we can’t wait! The spooky…
October 27, 2020/by Patrick White

Unusual Houseplants to Add Life to Your Home This Fall

With fall underway and winter on our heels, you’re probably…
October 22, 2020/by Patrick White

How to Prepare Your Garden for the Winter Season

Winter is afoot! With the nights becoming chilly, now is…
October 19, 2020/by Patrick White

Video: Ultimate Guide to Anthurium Care with Homestead Brooklyn

Anthurium – commonly known as flamingo flower – is a super…
October 15, 2020/by Patrick White

Video: Time for Fall Wall Planters with Garden Answer

Watch as Laura from Garden Answer creates a beautiful planter…
September 29, 2020/by Patrick White

5 Ways to Get Your Children Involved in Gardening

It’s never too early to teach your children about gardening! From learning about nature to developing patience, horticulture can benefit everyone, no matter their age. But it can be difficult to decide what your little gardener is capable of doing. We pulled together a list to help you get your whole family involved — just in time before the colder months take over.
September 28, 2020/by Patrick White

A Checklist for Fall Garden Maintenance

Summer is coming to an end — but that doesn’t mean you…
September 16, 2020/by Patrick White

Video: Arranging Succulents in an Urn with Garden Answer

Starting a fun new succulent project? Take a tip from Garden Answer and kick things off with Espoma Organic Cactus Mix, which is made specifically for cactuses and succulents.
September 10, 2020/by Patrick White

Should You Join a Garden Club?

Over 100 years ago in Athens, Georgia, 12 friends came together…
August 28, 2020/by Patrick White

Video: Making Tea Tin Arrangements with Garden Answer

A rainy week calls for an awesome indoor activity like this one!…
August 28, 2020/by Patrick White

Meet the Team: Q&A with David Mountford

It’s time for another installment of our Q&A series…
August 25, 2020/by Patrick White
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