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Hoya Plants: Caring for Hoya

Hoya have been popular house plants for decades and with
December 18, 2019/by Jourdancole

Plant Care Can Also Be Self-Care

Many people wonder when they’ll find the time for self-care.…
December 11, 2019/by Jourdancole

Leaf Mulch with Garden Answer

In this fall episode of Garden Answer, Laura is making leaf…
December 4, 2019/by Jourdancole
houseplant care, potting soil, indoor plants

Plant Parents: Add These Tropical Houseplants to Warm Your Soul

The brightest part of winter may just be decorating your home…
November 26, 2019/by Jourdancole

Rhipsalis Care and Propagation

Jungle cacti sounds like an oxymoron but in this episode of…
November 20, 2019/by Jourdancole

The best indoor plants for small spaces

Apartments or small spaces are invitations to get creative with
November 20, 2019/by Jourdancole

Plants to Help You Get Some Rest

Houseplants are so much more than decorations. They help
November 13, 2019/by Jourdancole

Succulent Tree House Fairy Garden

Watch Laura from Garden Answer make this enchanting Treehouse…
November 1, 2019/by Jourdancole

Millennial Pink Houseplant Roundup

If you feel like
your collection of tried and true houseplants…
October 30, 2019/by Jourdancole

What’s an Aroid?

Aroids are from the family Araceae and include many common
October 23, 2019/by Jourdancole

Gothic Gardening – The Darkest Plants

These black beauties are some of the most sought after houseplants
October 16, 2019/by Jourdancole

Drip Irrigation with Garden Answer

In this video from Garden…
October 9, 2019/by Jourdancole

Frost Tips For Citrus

Citrus is one of the most rewarding plants to grow indoors
October 2, 2019/by Jourdancole

Dig Canna, Dahlia and Caladium

Some of our favorite summer show-stoppers like Cannas,
September 25, 2019/by Jourdancole

Fall Flowers Extend the Season In Your Garden and Beauty in Your Home

It’s not too hard to walk through the yard in mid-summer and
September 19, 2019/by Jourdancole

6 Kid and Pet Friendly Plants

Danger could be lurking anywhere when you’ve got kids and…
September 11, 2019/by Jourdancole
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