Triple Phosphate 0-45-0

Espoma Triple Phosphate is an enriched source of phosphorus that helps develop sturdy root systems and promotes flowering.  It provides a long-lasting phosphorus reservoir for an entire growing season. Like all Espoma plant foods, no sludges or fillers are ever used. And because it’s made in our state-of-the-art solar powered manufacturing facility, consistency and quality are guaranteed.


  • Promotes Root Growth & Flowering
  • Use for Trees, Shrubs, Flowers, & Vegetables
  • Granular for Easy Application
  • Ready to Use – No Mixing Required

For use on:

Flowers, vegetables, trees and shrubs

When to use:

Use any time in the growing season – Spring application is best. Never apply fertilizer to frozen ground.  Be certain to follow all local laws regarding fertilizer application.

How much to use:

For Trees, Shrubs & Vegetables.  Apply 1 lb. per 100 Sq. Ft.

Individual Plants:  Apply 1/2 tsp. per foot of drip line diameter.

Always water after feeding.



How to apply:

General information:

Do not place fertilizer directly on seeds or plants. Keep at least 3 inches away. Cultivate the fertilizer into soil. Be careful not to disturb roots or seeds. Repeat feedings every four weeks throughout the growing season.

Always water after feeding.

Available in 6.5 lb. bag

Before you head to the garden center, please call to confirm product availability.

6.5 LB.

Triple Phosphate 6.5 LB.