Guide to a Safe Paws Lawn


Fellow Pet Owners,

We finally got a puppy when our children were old enough to “take care of it.” You know how that story goes. Now I’m the official dog walker. But I couldn’t be more in love with our newest family member, Jax.

safe_paws02 I looked around the neighborhood and for the first time, noticed lots of similar signs. A light bulb went off for me.

We need to start an educational campaign to show people how to get back to a naturally lush, beautiful lawn that is free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Naturally green grass where our pets and children can safely run and play without fear of ingesting or tracking potentially harmful lawn chemicals into our homes.

So I turned to our family business for help. In 2015, we created the Safe Paws campaign. It was a natural fit as The Espoma Company has been a pioneer in educating people about natural gardening solutions since 1929. In this guide you’ll learn simple ways to keep your four-legged friends healthy and safe outside so they can live a longer life inside.

We firmly believe in putting family first. And for us, that means pets, too.

Jeremy Brunner
Vice President, The Espoma Company, 4th Generation

Safe Paws Guide

As with almost anything, information is power.

The more pet parents know about how to keep their pets safe, the more likely we can keep our pets out of harm’s way. After all, who could argue that less chemicals on our lawn is better for people, pets and the planet.

We believe, like eating nutritious food, the safest practice is to use organic lawn and garden products and to limit the use of potentially harmful garden chemicals.

What you will learn in our Safe Paws guide

  • Why a Safe Paws lawn and garden matters
  • Do you know what’s being put on your lawn?
  • 4 myths keeping you from a Safe Paws lawn
  • Checklist to keep your pets happy and healthy
  • About The Espoma Company

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