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Woman with plants
Espoma Organic Land & Sea Compost and Bio-tone Starter Plus will help ensure these different perennials and lilac trees establish […]
people gardening together
Spring is here, and there’s no better way to celebrate the new season than by getting outside and gardening. Even […]
Kaleb Wyse
Kaleb Wyse is a fourth-generation to live on his family farm in Iowa. Leaving business and accounting, Kaleb started Wyse […]
Picture of Bonsai tree
Bonsai Care 101 Bonsai trees–if you’re a millennial, you probably remember them from The Karate Kid movies. Did you know […]
Rubber Plant Care and FAQs Rubber plants (Ficus elastica) don’t get enough credit in the tropical plant world. These humble […]
Seed starting is upon us in the gardening world! There is no better way to connect with the food we […]
Spring shrubs
Follow along with Laura from @gardenanswer as she plants her very first shrubs of the season with the help of Espoma. […]
Join Laura from @GardenAnswer as she takes her spring tomato planting to a whole new level with the help of […]
3 Brilliant Black Plant People
For Black History Month, we want to highlight three amazing, historic Black plant people. Two you’ve almost certainly heard of […]
Take a look at how Laura from @GardenAnswer plants Dahlias with the help of Espoma! Featured:
Watch as Laura from @GardenAnswer pots her succulent cuttings, repots her begonia, and grooms her African violets with the help […]
Check out how Laura from @Garden Answer is starting seeds early in the winter season with the help of Espoma. […]
Looking for some creative terrarium ideas? Watch as Laura from @Garden Answer uses a unique lightbulb to plant some succulents! […]
Check out Espoma's top 10 ways to repurpose your Christmas tree this holiday season!
The cold weather is no match for Laura at Garden Answer's greenhouse! Follow along to see how Laura gets a head start on seed starting to plant amaryllis bulbs and indoor plants before the spring with the help of Espm Organic Seed Starter and Potting Mix!
  Follow along as Laura from @GardenAnswer gives her outdoor plants a fall makeover. Reusing pots for your fall garden […]
You may think that when the weather cools, the gardening stops. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Planting […]
Did you finish harvesting your summer crops and find yourself wondering what to do next? There’s still plenty of time to get a fall and winter garden going before the first frost! Try planting one vegetable right as another one finishes. This is a process many gardeners use called succession planting and will maximize your harvest all season long. Here are four different ways to do it!
Follow along as Laura from Garden Answer spruces up her new property with some new shrubs with the help of […]
Follow along as Laura from @Garden Answer cuts some especially beautiful flowers for some friends! Stick around as she provides some helpful tips for cutting flowers and to see which Espoma products she uses while planting fall crops!
It’s wedding season! Whether you’re having a dreamy, late summer wedding or a rustic, autumn wedding, wildflowers can match almost any color palette and theme. You can even grow your bouquet in your own backyard with the right timing and resources.