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Watch as Laura from Garden Answer shows you 7 great succulents for beginners!
Starting a fun new succulent project? Take a tip from Garden Answer and kick things off with Espoma Organic Cactus Mix, which is made specifically for cactuses and succulents.
Over 100 years ago in Athens, Georgia, 12 friends came together to share their plants and cuttings with each other. […]
A rainy week calls for an awesome indoor activity like this one! Remember: Anything that contains something is a potential […]
Watch Laura from Garden Answer make this enchanting Treehouse Fairy Garden! Espoma Products for Succulent Fairy Gardens
Perlite or Vermiculite? How do you choose which one to use? For Drainage and Aeration: Choose perlite For Water Retention: […]
Succulent arrangements are long lasting creations that can be enjoyed indoors or out. This DIY video from Garden Answer will […]
Separating large aloe plants into several smaller ones is a wonderful way to propagate new plants to share with friends […]
Between the excitement of Halloween and the wonder of winter, fall can sometimes be pushed to the wayside. Not anymore. […]
How to Overwinter Your Plants Laura with Garden Answer is answering some commonly asked questions on how to get your […]
Succulents can be the most intricate houseplants out there. They are available in a variety of colors, styles, shapes and […]
Plants can outgrow their homes. And by homes, we mean containers. Here are quick tips on how to re-pot houseplants. […]
With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, there’s a lot of pressure to find the perfect gift, we made it […]
Terrariums make great additions to any room. There are endless options for variety, decorations and plants. They can be assembled […]
Laura from Garden Answer shows you how to bring the outdoors in for the winter months. Make this easy potted […]
Laura from Garden Answer shows you how to bring the outdoors in for the winter months. Make this easy potted […]
Plants are the perfect décor for any holiday occasion, especially Thanksgiving. Houseplants fit in perfectly with the magnificent fall colors […]
Get ready for fall by creating this seasonal planter filled with low light succulents, pumpkins and owls. Laura from Garden […]