Espoma Sprouts A NEW Energy Source

The Espoma Company is taking its commitment to the environment to a higher level with a solar energy installation covering nearly 43,000 sq. ft. of warehouse rooftops & 24,000 sq. ft.of office grounds. The system will produce over 810,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity – enough to power over 70 homes for a full year – and will save more than 1.6 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions annually.

“In terms of reducing carbon dioxide,” says Espoma Vice President Jeremy Brunner, “this is the equivalent of planting nearly 2 million trees.” Solar energy also reduces costs and dependence on foreign fossil fuels. The solar panels will provide clean, renewable energy for Espoma’s entire plant and office facilities.

“This project is part of our ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility,” says Brunner, “As a company built on natural gardening products, we feel we should be setting an example.”

The Espoma Company is a fourth generation, family-owned business that has been the pioneer in organic gardening since 1929. Espoma products work in harmony with nature to grow beautiful lawns & gardens, preserve natural resources, and make a greener world for future generations. Espoma offers a complete selection of natural plant foods, lawn foods, control products, and potting mixes that are available nationwide.

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