Rock Phosphate

Espoma Rock Phosphate is an all natural mineral that has been pelletized to minimize dust and add convenience. Phosphate is an essential nutrient needed by all plant life. Rock Phosphate is recommended when soils are deficient in Phosphate to increase the total reservoir of this nutrient for maximum plant growth.
All Natural Fertilizer
  • Helps root growth & flower development
  • Pelletized for easy application.

For use on:

All  plants – phosphorus is a major plant nutrient that promotes blooming and root growth.

When to use:

New Beds – Mix into the soil prior to planting.

Established Plants – Use in the early Spring

How much to use:

Application Rate: 2 ½ pounds (5 cups) per 100 square feet
Spread Rock Phosphate evenly over the entire area. Mix with soil before seeding or planting.
Individual Plants: Mix 4 teaspoons into soil.

How to apply:

Mix into the soil prior to planting or sprinkle on the soil surface around the drip line of established plants Gently mix into soil without disturbing plant roots.  Water after the application.

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1 lb. equals 2 cups