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Moisture Mix

Moisture Mix

For All Potted Plants

All Natural Moisture Mix Potting Soli Mix with Coir, Earthworm Castings & Myco-tone
  • Enhanced with Coir
  • Contains Myco-tone® and Worm Castings
  • In 8 qt., 1 & 2 cu. ft. bags

Available in 8 qt., 1 & 2 cu. ft. bags

Learn and grow
How to use

  • Select a container that is larger than your plants current pot, and has a drainage hole at the bottom with the tray beneath it to catch excess water.
  • To prevent soil from escaping, add a layer of small stones to the bottom of the container.
  • Fill container one third full with Espoma organic potting mix.
  • Add the appropriate amount of Espoma Organic Bio-tone Starter Plus, and mix thoroughly with the potting mix.
  • Carefully remove the plant from its current container and gently loosen the root ball.
  • Center the plant in the new container and fill it with additional potting mix.
  • Allow at least 1 inch between the rim of the pot in the top of the soil.
  • Gently pat down the mix and add more if required. Make sure the plant is about the same depth in the soil as it was in the original container.
  • Water plant thoroughly with a slow gentle spray and allowed to drain.

Growing Tips:
Re-potting: House plants require regular re-potting for optimum growth. If your plant is not growing, or you see roots growing from the drainage holes at the bottom of the pot, it’s time to re-pot to larger container.

Watering: Avoid over watering by allowing the soil to dry to the touch between watering. Use a tray or saucer to catch water as it drains from the bottom. Do not allow plants to stand in water. Outdoor container plants can require frequent watering (once per day in hot, dry conditions).

Light: Some plants thrive in direct sun exposure while others prefer shade. Check plant tag or consult your local garden center to determine preferred exposure.

Feeding: Frequent watering can easily leach nutrients out from the root zone. Feed plants  monthly during the growing season with an Espoma Organic Plant Food beginning two weeks after planting.

When to use

Any time you are planting containers

Where to use

Indoors & Outdoors


Moisture Mix Potting Soil Mix to grow big beautiful plants and bountiful vegetables with less frequent watering.

Guaranteed Analysis

Nineteen elements are considered essential for plant growth.


Grade, Net Weight, Guaranteed Analysis, Sources of Nutrients.


Synthetic Plant Foods & Neutral Organic Plant Foods.

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