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Espoma Kicks off National Gardening Month

Hello April! In addition to rain, spring blooms and warmer temps, this month is great for getting healthier with Espoma’s 30 days of tips!

We’re sharing daily gardening and healthy eating tips for the 30 days of April to celebrate National Gardening Month. Follow along on Facebook or Twitter to for 30 days of gardening tips.

Now is a great time to go ahead and take the plunge into gardening. And for those who are off to slow start this year, find some inspiration and get back out there!

6 Reasons to Start a Garden

1. Homegrown is healthier. Research shows that people who grow their own veggies tend to eat more vegetables. Not to mention that you choose what goes in your soil, so you can create an organic garden that’s full of nutrients.

organic gardening

2. Gardening gets you moving. Moderate gardening can burn 300-400 calories per hour. It’s a full workout that includes cardio and aerobic exercise. And there’s certainly some stress relief to be had when you’re pulling weeds. Wielding a trowel, hoe, or shovel for any length of time will give your muscles a workout.

3. Share a moment with kids. Teach children about gardening to help them be sustainable and encourage them to eat healthier. Quality time can be spent in the garden as you get your hands dirty and pluck sweet tomatoes off the vine.

organic gardening

4. A garden adds interest. Simply add a container of colorful flowers to your porch or yard for an instant pick-me-up. Trees and shrubs not only provide color and shade, but also offer shelter for birds and vegetable gardening, edible schoolyard project, top reasons to start a garden

5. Outlet for creative and artistic expression. Try something new every season. How about a new annual or a new spring-blooming bulb?

organic vegetable gardening, edible schoolyard project, top reasons to start a garden6. A private escape from the demands of everyday life. Need some stress relief? Pull weeds. Hungry? There’s nothing better than harvesting your own produce from your garden. Gardening makes you feel good in addition to making your yard garden

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 To learn more about starting an organic vegetable garden, click here. Or, learn how to improve your soil!

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