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Other Plant Foods

High quality, fast-acting sources of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. From individual nutrients to common agricultural blends, this product line is designed for the gardener who needs an immediate response. While these products are considered "synthetic", nothing in any of these products is hazardous or toxic.

  • Fast acting nutrients to stimulate growth.
  • Hard to find products for gardeners requiring immediate responses.
  • Safe to use. No hazardous or toxic materials.


Garden Food 5-10-5

  • An agricultural grade, all purpose
    plant food.
  • Helps plants quickly absorb
    major nutrients.
  • Less nitrogen and potassium
    than 10-10-10.
  • In 6.75 lb. bags.


Garden Food 10-10-10

  • A general purpose garden food that provides the three major nutrients in
    equal amounts.
  • Promotes vigorous growth in all flowering plants and vegetables.
  • In 6.75 lb. bags.

Triple Super Phosphate 0-45-0

  • An enriched source of phosphorus.
  • Helps root growth and fruit and flower formation.
  • Granular for easy application.
  • In 6.5 lb. bags.


Urea 45-0-0

  • An enriched source of nitrogen fertilizer.
  • Promotes green color and rapid growth.
  • In 4 lb. bags.


Potash 0-0-60

  • An enriched source of potassium.
  • Promotes plant vigor and disease resistance in all flowering plants, shrubs, trees, & vegetables.
  • In 6 lb. bags.
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