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Newsletter »May 2008«


Ensure Transplant Success this Spring!

Bio-tone® Starter Plus
An all natural plant food with beneficial microbes and fungi
to get transplants off to a great start!

How can I ensure success when I transplant new plants?
Generally speaking, if you can get your new transplants through the first summer & winter they will become well established and thrive. This requires some small work and cost but the return can be dramatic.
At time of planting add organic material to improve soil. And, to feed and nurture your new transplants add Bio-tone Starter Plus.

What is Bio-tone Starter Plus?
Think of Bio-tone Starter Plus as insurance for your new transplants. It combines an all natural plant food with beneficial microbes and mycorrhizea fungi to give your new installations the best chance for success, even in poor soils.

Natural plant food I understand but what is mycorrhizae fungi?
These are naturally occurring fungi that enhance root development. The fungi aid in the plants ability to take in water and nutrients. This process produces larger and deeper roots quickly, greatly enhancing growth and the plants ability to handle heat and drought stress.

OK…and the microbes?
Bio-tone Starter Plus includes a proprietary group of microbes proven to enhance all aspects of plant growth: it grows bigger roots, increases shoot development, and produces more blooms in flowering plants. They also help to prevent soil compaction and prevent nutrient runoff.

How do I apply the Bio-tone Starter Plus?
It’s really easy! Just add it to the soil that you use to refill the planting hole. This is critical as the fungi need to physically contact the roots so you don’t want to apply it to the soil surface. The plant roots grow into the Bio-tone Starter Plus and enhanced growth ensues.

What should I use for maintenance feeding?
The Espoma Company recommends one of their blended “Tones” for this. These are plant group specific so you should ask the experts at your local your local Garden Center or visit www.espoma.com to determine what the right choice is for you.

Tips for Better Gardens - Naturally!

  • When foliage emerges feed roses monthly through
    August with Rose-tone®.
  • Many hydrangeas will have stunning blue blooms
    in acid soils. Apply Soil Acidifier to lower soil pH
    and turn hydrangeas blue.
  • It's time for Tomatoes! Apply Tomato-tone® now
    to give them the nutrients they require and help
    prevent blossom end rot.
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